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Are you an experienced manager without formal qualifications?

We can definitely help you with that!

Download the free guide to find out how to gain a nationally recognised leadership and management qualification through the work you've already done - RPL or Recognition of Prior Learning

Do you manage the work of others?         Do you provide leadership in your workplace?


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If you have the skills and knowledge, but don't know where to start, simply send your resume and job description to or call us.

BSB42015 Certificate IV in Leadership and ManagementBSB51915 Diploma of Leadership and ManagementBSB61015 Advanced Diploma of Leadership and ManagementBSB51415 Diploma of Project Management


Jamie Lord, JAMM Training

Cara A, QLD

"Whether you are an employee wanting to promote yourself competent and capable to take on the next opportunity, or an employer wanting to reward loyalty and recognise leadership experience, this is a new Australian qualification you shouldn't ignore."

"A big thank you to Campbell for his friendly and efficient work. I found the RPL process to be a lot easier than I thought it would be. The checklist was very helpful and it really articulated what information I needed to provide to prove my knowledge."

A management qualification gained from your work history and experience is a satisfying reward for your hard work.

We help you gain a management qualification through rpl

RTO #40961

2 Easy Ways to Get Started with RPL

Send your resume and/or your position description, and which qualification you're interested in, to; or

Call us on 1300 552 953 and talk to an assessor directly

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A diploma of management via rpl will boost your career

As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO #40961) we can help you gain one of these nationally recognised qualifications with our straightforward RPL assessment process.

Fantastic! Other RPL avenues I have tried haven’t been the most enjoyable experience. Having someone to work with you and step you through the process made it so easy and a pleasure to do.

Joel M, NSW

"The whole experience was extremely positive from start to finish. Very professional, I was kept on track, provided support and my experience was always acknowledged along the way.  Despite my many years in the workforce and working my way up to a senior manager position I did not hold a relevant qualification in Australia, now I do. This has given me more confidence and I feel that I have definitely achieved something.  Thanks Russell, brilliant, just brilliant."

Stuart M, VIC

What is RPL?

RPL stands for recognition of prior learning. It is the acknowledgement of a person’s skills and knowledge acquired through previous training, work or life experience. A qualification gained in this way is identical to a qualification gained from studying. There is no coursework or study, you submit documents you have created and use in the workplace.

There are no upfront payments required, payment is only due on completion.

We guide you in the evidence gathering process. Your assessor will suggest the most suitable kinds of evidence based on your work history.

You don't have to painstakingly map your evidence. Our fully qualified assessors take your raw evidence, and map it to every criteria.

We are the issuing RTO #40961.

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